Friday, 16 December 2016


A while ago Year 5 went on a fantastic trip to the Barbican to learn about Roald Dahl. They found out some mind blowing facts about the much loved author, some of them I didn’t even believe when they told  me!
   The lucky class went there to celebrate the 100th birthday of Roald Dahl and were able to watch someone act out a scene from  little red riding hood in one of the few front rows in the large theatre. They also sang some book-related songs and enjoyed a ‘delicious’ packed lunch.

Members of Year 5 explained that it was a brilliant trip and they will never forget the facts they learned that day.

The School Carol Singing

The school carol singing was on 14th December 2016 we were singing loads of song like silent night, come and joins the celebration and lots more songs.

 We were singing for 1 hour from 5pm to 6pm. We were singing for a school called Bowa school. We raised roughly £150 in total.

We were singing in the Swiss cottage underground station. Some of us came to school and went to the underground but some of us met up in the station. I came back to the school and followed to the station.

There were some people who was dancing or doing the solo. It was really fun doing it.

Dates For Your Diary


Here are some key dates for the new Year:                                                                                        New

 Tuesday 3rd - Inset Day

Wednesday 4th  - Start of New Term

Wednesday 4th - Epiphany Service

Friday 13th - FOSPA Meeting

We Have Had A Wonderful Term

We have had fantastic Christmas term looking into the break. We are breaking up today  for Christmas at home. This term we have celebrated Christmas with carol singing, our nativity and famous (International) Christmas Fair.

We, in the classes, had small Christmas party that we thoroughly enjoyed  the celebration. Today, in church we had a carol service an yesterday we had a Christmas lunch.

Now, we will relax having a great break relaxing ready for the Easter term we are all looking forward to.

Camden Football League

The Camden Football league has started and St Pauls is on fire. So far the girl’s team have won all of their matches in three weeks which is seven games. In our first week we played Beckford whom we beat by 3-0 (three nil) followed by a match with Carlton with a result of 2-0 (two nil). The last match of the day was played against Kentish Town school also two nil. At the end of the day we came home happy with our turn out. The next week we only played two games one of them against St Eugues which we were victorious by 6-1.We then won by 3-0 to Rhyl school.

On our third week we beat Holy Trinity by 6-0 followed by a good game against Hampstead Parochial which we won by 6 to 1.

All the scores added puts us first on the leaderboard with twenty eight points and a difference of nine goals between us and second place. Luckily we have only had two goals scored against us so when we come back in January we will be able to keep our title of first position.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Trip to ICE

On the 29th, Yr6 went to the ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers). We had enjoyable, hands on day. The journey wasn’t too long on the tube and when we entered the building, everyone saw the intricate Christmas display (too early). As Yr6 entered the main room, a giant Guinness Book Record holding Lego Severn bridge replica stood in front of us! We spent the day learning a lot about bridges and everyone had fun.

Christmas Dinner.

At our school before end of the term we have Christmas dinners (on 15th December 2016).

Normally we have to sit in our lunch place while we eat our lunches but for this Christmas dinner day we get to sit where ever we want in the lunch hall. If you are a school dinner already you don’t need to pay for this lunch but if you are a packed lunch you need to pay about £2.40 for the dinner. There is so much food for main courses like chicken, salad and many more. Our school also has deserts like ice creams. We can sit wherever we want.  We can talk to people around us.  It makes a very nice community.    

Year One Class Assembly

On Friday our lively  year one class put on a brilliant assembly about Florence Nightingale. The class taught  us all about Florence’s life and performed a fact-filled rap in front the school. Mums, Dads, Grandparents and even a few younger siblings seemed to glow as they watched their little ones shine. We have spoken to two children who confidently shared their opinion on the performance.

What is your favourite fact about Florence Nightingale: I like the idea that her nickname is ‘lady with the lamp’

Have you been practising a lot for your assembly: YES! It has taken a week for us to put that together!

If you could meet Florence Nightingale, what would you say: I would ask her lots of questions about her life. 

A Wonderful Christmas Fair

On Saturday there was a wonderful Christmas fair lots of people turned up so the market was very packed. We raised a whopping about £10 000 for the school. We are pleased that with are total and use the money to improve the school. Not only did we raise lots of money for the school we had a enjoyable raffle, a fun tombola and a wonderful Santa’s grotto. Everyone who came I think thought it was worth it and bought great presents for friends and family. It was a pleasurable fair.

Christmas Tree