Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Book Week Workshop

From my observations, I think Yr6 are loving book week. On Monday 27th we did a workshop with an energetic lady named Brenda.

She talked to us about planets and based the whole workshop about them. I think this was clever because it got the class intrigued.

At the end Brenda gave each group an interview to act out; one group carried out Neil Armstrong's interview after he’d been to the moon. I thought these were entertaining to watch.

All in all I think Yr6 thoroughly enjoyed book week.

Thursday, 16 March 2017


At the beginning of book week each class were presented with a picture which we had to write about, making up a story. The whole class worked together on the story by each individual person jotting down ideas and then sharing them, forming a great collaborative piece of writing.
Each class swapped with another class and continued with writing their story. Reception class was paired with Mr Hale, Year 1 with Year 2, Year 3 with Year 4 and Year 5 with Year 6. We continued alternating between each-others stories until we had a result of seven brilliant pieces of writing with a taste of two different classes in each story. Personally I really enjoyed doing the shared writing, I feel it really stretched my imagination and I would love to do it again.

I interviewed someone to find out what they thought about the shared writing and this is what she said:

‘ I liked it  because we were sharing our ideas with another class and I liked their ideas to improve our work. They were interesting and it was fun  to collaborate with such a great class, and I would love to do it again but with a different class.’

Overall I think it was a really enjoyable thing to do.    

World Book Day Costumes

World Book Day

On Thursday we all dressed up in different costumes. Everybody found it very interesting. It was a really good experience because everyone can show who they were and see who other people are too. In the morning we all went outside and showed everyone our costumes some parents came and saw us in our costumes we also got pictures taken.


Here are some interviews which have been taken by 2 people. It’s about how they felt about world book day


They said…….

I really enjoyed world book day and like seeing other peoples costumes. One of them was dressed up as the iron man and the other one was Harry Potter.


I really enjoyed wearing my costume I was Bat Girl. It was really creative seeing other people’s costumes and giving me ideas for books to read. It was quite funny and embarrassing at the same time. It was especially funny when my wig got stuck on the tree and got tangled. Me and my friend dressed up as the same thing.

Y3 Perform Workshop

I have asked a Y3 about the perform workshop they did and got an interview from them:
The person we were interviewing said she was excited during the event. She said it was enjoyable because of the fun activities to do.

The person also said the best moment was the fact that everyone had a chance she liked it that way.

When I asked her what she thinks she would say if I said it wasn’t fun she said, ‘I would say why don’t, you like it? I think it was particularly fun and wonderfully funny.’

I also asked her what she thinks she would say if I showed her a video of the workshop. She said she would ask her mum if she could join perform. I don’t know why she doesn’t join anyway!

If she could add one thing it would be more dancing.

Her one word to sum the workshop up was ‘exhilarating’. To conclude she gave me the idea it was an excellent joyful experience. She thought it was extremely fun. All the class did these workshops but unfortunately I wasn’t there on the day.

World Book Day Teacher Book Relay

The parade for the world book day dress up happened on Thursday but there was another thing going on. On Thursday at 2:50pm there was the teacher’s book relay. I thought the relay was a competition and there will be a winner:it was just teachers reading a book and swapping over when the bell rings, although for year 6 it was the telephone ringing.

When I interviewed people from Year 4 before the relay they said that they think they will choose one book, and time the teachers with a stop watch to see which teachers were fastest.

Two of the kids I interviewed said their teacher will win because ‘she’s really fast at reading’.

Some other people from my class said it was really funny when the teachers came running with their costumes.

When I interviewed the year 1 teacher she said that she read books for year 4 and year 6. I asked how she felt before she entered the class room, she said she felt really confident, but after she told me year 6 was too noisy and year 4 was listing really nicely like her class. Just to say she dressed up like a golden compass called the aleitheometer from ‘His Dark Materials’.