Thursday, 16 March 2017

Y3 Perform Workshop

I have asked a Y3 about the perform workshop they did and got an interview from them:
The person we were interviewing said she was excited during the event. She said it was enjoyable because of the fun activities to do.

The person also said the best moment was the fact that everyone had a chance she liked it that way.

When I asked her what she thinks she would say if I said it wasn’t fun she said, ‘I would say why don’t, you like it? I think it was particularly fun and wonderfully funny.’

I also asked her what she thinks she would say if I showed her a video of the workshop. She said she would ask her mum if she could join perform. I don’t know why she doesn’t join anyway!

If she could add one thing it would be more dancing.

Her one word to sum the workshop up was ‘exhilarating’. To conclude she gave me the idea it was an excellent joyful experience. She thought it was extremely fun. All the class did these workshops but unfortunately I wasn’t there on the day.

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