Wednesday, 25 January 2017



We normally start new clubs every term.

 On Monday we do chess, football (boys), and juggling.

On Tuesday we do Netball and Football (boys).

On Wednesday we do chess and Multisports.

On Thursday we do running, make it, and football (girls).

On Friday we do dig it, football and singing and speaking.
That’s all the clubs we do in our school. As you may see if you were already are in this school you can see the dates have changed.

Quality Street Rant

This year, Quality Street took out my favourite flavour, the Toffee Deluxe which I am very upset by.

 They replaced the Toffee Deluxe with a horrible Honeycomb Chocolate [the Crunchy Bar wanna be].

The reason Quality Street did this, is because apparently there were ‘too many toffee related chocolates’ Ridiculous right!

 When the bloggers read this they said ‘I agree!’. Above all I am distraught.



Hello humans of the world, this article is not the usual type. I am writing to you to persuade you that buying therapeutic putty will make a big difference in your life. Putty is often used in schools for people [like mwa] who benefit from having something to fidget with.

It comes in many different colours and sizes and is available at Cachao in Primrose Hill. When you have purchased your precious putty you will certainly be pleased with it and I am almost definetly sure you won’t be able to stop;

                             BOUNCING  IT 

Roll it into a ball and have fun bouncing it around.

                             KNEEDING IT

Your putty is great for squeezing and will complement your brain and you’ll come up with some great ideas!

                                POPPING  IT

         Impress your friends with this cool trick!



Our School For Our Names Class

Class names for our school

Every year we have different names for our class this year2016 to 2017

We have:

Year 6   Endeavour

Year 5   Golden Hinde

Year 4   Rainbow warrior

Year 3   Cutty Sark

Year 2    Mayflower

Year 1    QW2

Reception   Clips’

Last year we had river names.

The Girls Football League Continues

The girls football league has continued and we are through to the finals after winning all of our matches and keeping our position of first place on the leaderboard.

On Tuesday the 17th we played Emmanuel primary school and beat them by 7-1.  Straight after that match we played a game against St Mary’s and won by 4-1.


So after a successful day we were rewarded with a ticket through to the finals!!! J